Official AST Token Contract (BEP-20):

Project idea

The initiator of Absolute Token originated from the community of deep practitioners in the blockchain and senior NFT interest explorers. AST is a community consensus currency with soul and thought. The people in the community voluntarily contribute to the project based on their own talents.

Project vision

Absolute Token will start from one NFT game project to explore the integration and linking of several NFT projects, so that countless NFT parallel universes have been opened up. Games, art, fashion, and even identity certification and finance are brought together to form an incomparably real virtual reality. The world-Absolute Token.

King of Wolves NFT Game

This game is a very exciting strategy battle game. Not only is the graphics beautiful, but the gameplay is exciting. Players can be randomly assigned to different identities in the game to complete the most exciting strategy battle.

Players from different countries have their own communities, entertaining at the same time, making friends easily, and romantically interacting, becoming a powerful global social platform.

There are two kinds of rooms for players to choose, free and paid rooms. In the free room, players can play games with friends and can earn AST tokens by completing tasks in each game. In the paying room, players can win generous AST tokens by betting on AST to compete with players from all over the world.

In the game, players can buy their favorite NFT equipment to show their personality, and they can buy cards with unique functions in various blind boxes that can be used in the game to help you win the game more easily.


The Absolute Token is a community focused, fair launched DeFi Token.

7% fee from every transaction and distributed as follows:

  • icon_absolute


    2% will be distributed to the dead wallet. Tokens are burned with every transaction.

  • Reflection

    2% is reflected to all holders for passive income

  • LP Acquisition

    3% is added to a liquidity pool

Our Token



Tokens issuance totaled AST

  • Destroy: 52%
  • Initial liquidity, adding in batches:15%
  • Community reward: 12%
  • Presale: 10%
  • Reward for tournaments: 8%
  • Absolute Tearm: 3%



  • Launch Social+Website

  • Pre-sale

  • Build community

  • Audit contract

  • Pancakeswap listing

  • Coingecko,coinmarketcap listing


  • Renew website for game

  • Release game King of Woles 1.0

  • Release NFT items

  • CEX listing

  • Launch NFT marketplace


  • Release game King of Woles 2.0 for Android & IOS

  • Community events & Wekly competition


  • Release game King of Woles 3.0

  • More exchanges listing

  • King of Woles Global Tournament

  • Build a community millions of King of Woles players around the world

What are the other advantages of Absolute Token?

  • New bottom design

    After a comprehensive industry analysis, Absolute Token grasps the future trend of NFT, and provides the development of the underlying technology construction framework that is in line with the ecological development. Substantial technological breakthroughs will be made to advance the NFT sector into a more popular application stage.

  • Innovation drainage

    Absolute Token focuses on the participation experience and value presentation of consensus participants. A rich and complete model is one of the keys to attracting and retaining users. In addition, personal invitations and experience sharing in community forums can increase the stickiness between users and allow all participants to participate. Consensus benefits.Try it yourself!

  • Fast and simple transactions

    The index token AST in the Absolute Token ecosystem reflects the market value of the entire meta-universe concept. Therefore, users can directly use AST to make a basic judgment on the trend of the meta-universe, instead of continuously researching numerous projects and constantly Adjust your investment portfolio. Blockchain decentralized wallets and platform wallets are quickly interoperable. After other digital assets are recharged to the platform wallet, the platform can realize high-speed payment circulation.

  • Risk control

    The Absolute Token alliance platform is based on blockchain technology, smart contracts, etc., to achieve massive cutting of ownership, traceability of the circulation process, income dividend management, etc., making the asset investment of the Absolute Token ecosystem small and high-end; all transactions The process is recorded in the underlying distributed blockchain ledger to ensure the accurate determination and transmission of rights and values in the transaction link, the openness and transparency of data, and the purification of the platform trading environment.

  • Strengthen information privacy protection

    Absolute Token has the advantages of system security and anti-tampering. The Absolute Token ecosystem completes transactions and automatically generates payment instructions based on the smart contract of the blockchain. At the same time, the block center to which it belongs will record the data of each link one by one, and update it synchronously with the data recorded in the block.

  • Intelligent transaction

    By accumulating the liquidity of all major cryptocurrency exchanges, trading risks are minimized.


Partners & Investor

IDA-Viruma A
Акселератор Mabius
Zubkov Store

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